we’re branding experts

Our team of creative professionals is made up of a unique group of individuals with a diverse combination of skills and expertise ranging from design and marketing strategy and communications, graphic and industrial design, interactive and digital design, copywriting, business planning and research analysis.

Mark Koch  


Interested in anything that enhances and enriches all of our lives. And cookies.

Julie Koch-Beinke  


Thrives on being immersed in the creative process, being in the heart of the action (why I love NYC) and singing with Tini : )

we’re strategic

we take an innovative, creative, curious and open-minded approach to project and process, evaluate and re-evaluate while seeking out new opportunities for the future.

we’re hardworking

we are resourceful, have high expectations of our team and work to get the most out of everything we do.

Daniel Acacio  

Digital Project Manager

Human sponge who loves absorbing and sharing information. Enjoys using air quotes.

Heather Johnson  

VP of Marketing

Passionate about sharing creative ideas. Obsessed with Boston Terriers, shoes and NY Rangers Hockey.

Lynn Marfey  

VP of Creative Services

Always in search of creative inspiration. Enjoys being the queen of her household and spending time with her family in the great outdoors.

Barbara McDermott


Native new yorker and world traveler…and number cruncher.

Erin Coffin  

Office Manager

Poetry, cat gif, and floral print enthusiast. Loves checking things off of to-do lists and swimming in the ocean.

we’re successful

we collaborate, communicate and support our clients and one another making it possible to create success and achieve goals.

we’re real

we understand and respect our clients, their concerns and honestly evaluate how we can maximize their growth and success.

Julia Novikova


Always on the lookout for thoughtful design, beautiful code, exotic food, and weird people.

Jared Pereira


Creative. Designer. Coder. Making the impossible possible one pixel at a time.

Tini (short for martini)


Lilac crowned Amazon Parrot who works as a greeter, singer and pop culture connoisseur.

Katie Story  


Kerning enthusiast, writer, illustrator, and friend of cats everywhere.

we’re caring

we care about our clients, our profession, the world and how we can make a difference.

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