Sharon Merrill Advisors : Brand Image

Innovative Rebranding

The new identity, updated name change from “Associates” to “Advisors” and logo mark communicate SMA’s expertise while honoring their proven track record and nearly 40 years of experience. The logo features a caret icon, a well-established stock market and investor relations symbol, to emphasize the A in Advisors. 

Sharon Merrill Advisors Identity and Logo

Bold and Contemporary Website

The SMA website, is a powerful online interface that showcases their unique approach and personalized client services through a highly visual presentation of areas of expertise, case studies, curated news, and blog posts. The upgraded user experience focuses on nurturing new business leads through storytelling, education, and information.

Sharon Merrill Advisors Homepage Design
SMA Webpages Designs

Creating a Unique Point of Difference

The new look for info sheets, presentations and e-blasts differentiates SMA from competitive firms with a vibrant color palette, modern use of typography, compelling photo style and unique branding elements.

SMA Marketing Materials : info sheets, presentations and e-blast templates