Blue Engine

Integrated Marketing Communications and Office Interiors

Blue Engine is a non-profit organization that partners with public schools serving low-income communities to increase academic rigor and prepare students for college.

We have worked with Blue Engine on a range of programs and initiatives from the branding and messaging of fundraising initiatives and events through internal materials and environmental graphics to help bring their core values and mission to life.

Blue Engine Office Interior Graphics
Blue Engine Office Interior Graphics
Blue Engine : serving low-income communities to increase academic rigor and prepare students for college

Blue Engine office interiors utilize pops of vibrant blue, hand drawn graphic elements and a life size map of New York City to create an inviting space that will spark innovative ideas and creative thinking.


Workshop Planning Guide Design

Firmenich is the largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor company, creating unique formulations for the world’s most desirable brands. Infuso is the innovation management division of Firmenich, supporting Firmenich business activity and value creation through a range of services based on facilitation of innovation and digitalization.

Alternatives worked with Firmenich to design and layout a book that introduces human-centered approaches in a hands-on way. Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem solving that puts the needs of the customer at the heart of the solution.

Firmenich : Book Design | work | alternatives design

The book guides workshop facilitators on how to prepare and lead a one-day introductory session and a two-day bootcamp workshop for groups of people new to Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup. The use of color coding, section tabs and other design elements help to organize and communicate detailed presentation notes, scripts and agendas that assist workshop facilitators.


Traveling Exhibit

Toyota was one of the participating financial sponsors of the design and construction of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington DC. We were commissioned to create a traveling exhibit to showcase the milestones and achievements of Dr. King, featuring a model of the proposed memorial and explaining the company commitment to the project. The exhibit traveled extensively across the country to various Toyota facilities, Universities, Museums and other public venues to build excitement and fundraise for the construction of the monument.


Integrated Marketing Communications and Book Design

The Alliance for Market Solutions (AMS) is an organization of conservative leaders addressing two of America’s most pressing challenges: the need to reduce carbon pollution and to grow the economy. AMS engages directly with influential conservatives, including policymakers, to cultivate support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

We have worked with AMS on branding, and design and layout of various books, brochures and materials.

“Carbon Tax Policy: A Conservative Dialogue on Pro-Growth Opportunities” proposes a market-based approach to reducing carbon emissions offering a pro-growth alternative that may be more efficient than the existing regulatory regime.

“Climate Science and Climate Risk: A Primer” explains how climate metrics and dynamics are evaluated, and why climate action today is important for our future.”