DCG : promoting and supporting the practice and education of design for the common good
Design for the Common Good Exhibition and Conference Page

The Exhibition and Conference Page showcases curated works according to key issues each project addresses, brings the extraordinary value of public interest design to the forefront, recognizes best practices and leverages these examples to inspire others.

Design for the Common Good International Exhibition Curated Works

Curated Works Pages highlight specific projects, providing details, cause and method, impact on the community and key takeaways. These projects are richly documented through photography, plans and design process graphics, and tell the individual and collective stories of the projects selected from within the five international design organizations that comprise the DCG network.

Design for the Common Good Community Platform

The Community Platform creates opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, facilitates peer to peer connections and creates a place where members can chat and engage on the topics, ideas, activities, tasks and events they care about most.